Hi-Shear-RotorStator Mixer(Silverson Type Mixer)
High Shear Batch Mixer, Emulsifier, Homogenizer,
Solubiliser, Disperser and Solids Disintegrator


Features and Benefits
https://kew.com.pk/Right-01.jpg Its not just a mixer. It homogenizes, emulsifies, solubilizes, suspends, desperses and disintegrate solids.
https://kew.com.pk/Right-01.jpg These mixers with their precision engineered rotor/stator workhead and multi-stage mixing/shearing action far outperforms the conventional stirrers or agitators.
https://kew.com.pk/Right-01.jpg It can be permanently mounted to a vessel or suspended over a vessel. The mobile configu- ration offers the flexibility to use the mixer in multiple vessels.
https://kew.com.pk/Right-01.jpg Interchangable workheads for maximum versatility, with the options including Emulsor Head, Slotted Head, Square Hole Head, General Purpose Head.
https://kew.com.pk/Right-01.jpg Capacity from 1 to 6000 gallons.


Multi-Stage Mixing/Shearing
Homogenizer – (High Shear Mixer Rotor / Stator Mixing Impeller)The key to creating finest emulsion is to creat finest possible droplet size. The more the energy in the mix, the smaller the droplet size in emulsion, creating fine emulsion.high shear batch mixer doesn’t simply mix; it emulsifies, homogenizes, solubilizes, suspends, disperses and disintegrates solids. Each mixer, with its precision-engineered Silverson rotor/stator workhead, far outperforms conventional mixers, cutting processing times by up to 90%, improving quality, product consistency and process efficiency.

  • Eliminate agglomerates and fish eyes
  • Create stable emulsions and suspensions
  • Reduce particle size
  • Rapidly dissolve solids
  • Accelerate reactions


https://kew.com.pk/images_desc/Mixers/VacuumMixer/labHowitworksStage1.png https://kew.com.pk/images_desc/Mixers/VacuumMixer/labHowitworksStage2.png https://kew.com.pk/images_desc/Mixers/VacuumMixer/labHowitworksStage3.png
The high-speed rotation of the rotor blades within the precision-machined mixing workhead exerts a powerful suction, drawing liquid and solid materials upwards from the bottom of the vessel and into the center of the workhead. Centrifugal force then drives materials towards the periphery of the workhead where they are subjected to a milling action in the precision-machined clearance between the ends of the rotor blades and the inner wall of the stator. This is followed by intense hydraulic shear as the materials are forced, at high velocity, out through the perforations in the stator and circulated into the main body of the mix.
The materials expelled from the head are projected radially at high speed towards the sides of the mixing vessel. At the same time, fresh material is continually drawn into the workhead maintaining the mixing cycle. The effect of the horizontal (radial) expulsion and suction into the head is to set up a circulation pattern that minimizes aeration caused by the disturbance of the liquid’s surface. https://kew.com.pk/images_desc/Mixers/VacuumMixer/How_it_works4.jpg
https://kew.com.pk/images_desc/Mixers/VacuumMixer/Stator-large%20hole-general%20purpose.jpg https://kew.com.pk/images_desc/Mixers/VacuumMixer/Stator-Slotted%20hole-efficient%20flow.jpg https://kew.com.pk/images_desc/Mixers/VacuumMixer/Stator-fine%20hole-slow%20flow_emulsions.jpg
The Wetting Head (A) or Disintegrating Head, with large round holes works best for general purpose mixing. This is the most versatile of all the heads, giving an exceptionally vigorous mixing action and rapidly reduces the size of large particles.. Ideal for general mixing applications, its uses also include the disintegration of solids and the preparation of gels and thickeners, suspensions, solutions and slurries. The Slotted Head (B) provides the most popular combination of high shear and efficient flow rate. It is ideal for emulsions and medium-viscosity materials.For the disintegration of fibrous materials such as animal and vegetable tissue, as well as the disintegration and solubilization of “elastic” materials such as rubbers and polymers The Fine Hole Head (C) provides the highest shear possible − at the expense of a slower flow rate. It is most suitable for low-viscosity emulsions and fine dispersions.Provides exceptionally high shear rates ideal for the rapid size reduction of soluble and insoluble granular solids. It is also suitable for the preparation of emulsions and fine colloidal suspensions

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Specifications of High Shear Mixer (Silverson Type)

Models STD
RPM Capacity (water)
Gallons Liters
SM-101 1.5 2800 4 – 30 15 – 113
SM-105 5 2800 15 – 50 55 – 190
SM-110 10 2800 25 – 250 95 – 945
SM-125 25 2800 40 – 500 151 – 1875
SM-130 30 2800 40 – 800 151 – 3000
SM-150 50 2800 250 – 1500 945 – 5675
SM-175 75 2800 400 – 1500 1515 – 8325
SM-1100 100 2800 500 – 6000 1890 – 22,710



Application by Products and Industry
https://kew.com.pk/Right-01.jpg Pharmaceutical Industry
Coatings for Tablets, Production of Cough Syrups and Pharmaceutical Syrups, Production of Pharmaceutical Cream and Ointments, Mixing of Sterile Ingredients
https://kew.com.pk/Right-01.jpg Cosmetic Industry
Dispersion and Hydration of Carbomers, Manf. Of Deodorants and Antiperspirants, Prod. Of Cosmetic Creams and Lotions, Nail Varnish Manf. Shampoo Manf. Sun Tan Creams and Lotions Manf. Dispersion of Hydration of Carbopol, Dilution of High Active Surfacants.
https://kew.com.pk/Right-01.jpg Food Industry
Dispersion of Pectin for Jellies Preserves, Ice Cream manufacturing ( Ice Cream Mixes, Hydration of Stabilizers and Emulsifiers), Manf. Of Tomato Sauces and Ketchups, Prod. of Flavor Emulsions, Prod. Of Margarine and Low Fat Spreads, Prod. of Salad Dressings, Refining of Edible Oils, Soft Drink Manf. (Dissolving of Artificial Sweeteners, Preparation of Sugar Syrups, Cloud Emulsions for Soft Drinks), High Speed Reclamation of Confectionary, Prod. Of Cream Liqueurs, Prod. Of Flavored Milk Drinks, Prod. Of Mustards. Prep. Of Pet Food Gravies and Jellies, Manf. Of Sweetened Condensed Milk, Premixes for Yogurt and other cultured Milk Desserts, Brines for the Meat Industry.
https://kew.com.pk/Right-01.jpg Chemical and Technical Industry
High Speed Preparation of Rubber Solutions, Prod. Of Solid Polishes, Polymer/Pigment Dispersion in Textile Manf. High Speed Dispersion of Bentonite, Titanium Dioxide. High Speed Dissolving of Viscosity Index Improvers in Luboils, Preparation of Paper Coatings, Redispersion of Filter Cake, Prod. Of Polymer modified Asphalt for Road Surfacing, Manf. Of Pesticides, Preparaton of Drilling Fluids.

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