Double Cone Mixer (Gentle Mixing/Tumbling/Blending Machine)

Features and Benefits

  • Gentle Mixing/Tumbling/Blending Action
  • Low Speed Tumbling action is ideal process for blending powders, granules and fragile materials.
  • The Gentle Mixing action of Double Cone Mixer is highly beneficial in Processing heat sensitive materials.
  • They are also beneficial for blending batches pharmaceuticals prior to analysis.
  • Easy to operate. Quick and easy cleaning, with virtually total discharge.
  • Robust Construction. All Contact Parts made of Stainless Steel 304/316.
  • Capacity from 150 to 1500 Liters.

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DM-150 150 90
DM-250 250 140
DM-500 500 260
DM-750 750 375
DM-1000 1000 600
DM-1500 1500 900


Features Standard Option
Fabricated in stainless steel or mild steel Standard feature
Support provided by fully welded box section frames Standard feature
High efficiency yield, easy clean Standard feature
Inlets through flanged hole covered by a hinged cover Standard feature
Hand operated outlets through slide/butterfly valve Standard feature
Guarding to comply with H&S legislation Standard feature
All stainless steel model including all fabrications Optional
External and internal finishes of glass beading or polishing Optional
Heating/Cooling/Internal pressure Optional
Vacuum available for de-aerating or to assist in drying Optional
Internal spray systems for coating or moisturising Optional
Direct Vacuum, direct drum, conveyor loading Optional
Inverter controlled automatic cone positioning Optional


    Dry Powders and Color Pigments Prepared Flour and Cake Mixes
    Minerals Baking Powders
    Synthetic Products Tobacco
    Fine and Heavy Chemicals Grains and Other Food Products
    Photographic Chemicals Detergent Powders
    Dyes and Intermediates Water Softening Compounds
    Resins and Plastics Limestone
    Molding Powders Roofing Materials
    Pharmaceuticals and Medicinals Blends of Powdered Metals
    Fertilizers and Insecticides Binders andwide range of Free Flowing
    Animal Feeds Dry Materials.


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