Basket mill KEW – easy to clean and quick product change

Basket mills are extremely efficient grinding systems comprising of a grinding basket that is lowered into the millbase for dispersion. During operation the grinding basket stands still while the milling shaft to which the milling tool, dissolver disc and pump wheel are fastened, rotates. The rotating milling tool agitates the beads inside the basket which disperses the millbase. The dissolver disc at the tip of the shaft and the pumping wheel generate effective circulation of the millbase, helping to provide excellent dispersion results in a short period of time. The KEW basket milling system includes a special adapter flange which enables it to be fitted to a DISPERMAT® without the need for any tools. If the standard dissolver shaft and the KEW basket milling system are frequently interchanged, an additional dissolver shaft is recommended.

The double walled grinding basket filled with beads is lowered into the millbase. Intense circulation of the product is generated with the dissolver disc and integrated pump wheel. For assessment of the milling process – during dispersion – a product sample can be taken at any time. When the milling process is complete, the grinding basket is raised. Product residue in the grinding basket is centrifuged out by briefly running the milling and the dissolver discs. Cleaning the milling system is carried out with a suitable cleaning fluid in a separate container.

The grinding basket

(1) is immersed into the dispersion container

(2) which contains the product to be ground. The product is pumped trough the grinding basket (1) at a very high flow rate by means of a turbine plate

(3). The turbine plate creates a strong suction as well as a vigorous expulsion and ensures that the whole batch passes many time trough the grinding basket during the process. The grinding basket is filled with grinding beads

(4), which are accelerated with an agitator disc

(5). The moving beads stress the product to be ground. This stress causes a dispersion and / or break up of the solid matter in the product. The grinding basket is open above and equipped with a screen

(6) at its bottom, which prevents the grinding beads from leaving the grinding basket. Most of the energy introduced by the agitator disc is converted to heat. This heat is carried off by means of a cooling liquid, which circulates in thecooling jacket of the grinding basket

(7) and in the cooling jacket of the dispersion container

(8). In order to prevent the formation of foam or the evaporation of solvent during the process, the Basket Mill’s(except SUBMILL Labor) are equipped with a pressure sealed cover

(9) which closes the dispersion container completely and allows to run the process under vacuum.

Advantages of modular milling systems TML:

  • Excellent dispersion results in a short time
  • Excellent product circulation via the dissolver disc and pump wheel
  • Highly repeatable dispersion results
  • Uniform average residence time
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • Double walled grinding basket for cooling or heating
  • No dead areas due to effective mill base circulation

Basket mill TML environment-friendly and efficient:

  • Environment friendly dispersion in a closed system
  • Low energy requirement
  • Basket mill systems are easy to clean
  • Quick product changes

Main features / Characteristics

  • Use of diffenret mixing containers diameters
  • “SPEED-CONTROL” depending on viscosity
  • Batch sizes of 1 to 5000 litres
  • Production of low to medium-viscous products
  • Drive by modern frequency converter technology
  • Height-adjustable grinding basket
  • Cooled grinding basket
  • Automatic cooling control
  • High peripheral speed
  • Continuous temperature measurement with limit value
  • Use of wear-proof special materials
  • Grinding media of different materials and diameters can be used

Inquire About this Product:


30-3,0 FU
48-5,4 FU
180-20 FU
242-30 FU
411-50 FU
601-75 FU
790-100 FU
Driving power 2,2 kW 4 kW 15 kW 22 kW 37 kW 55 KW 75 kW
Batch size 2,0-3,5 l 25-45 l 120-240 l 200-400 l 400-800 l 750-1350 l 1000-2000 l
Capacity of grinding
0,2 l 1,8 l 10 l 20 l 30 l 55 l 80 l

* Dependent on viscosity
** Density of approx. 1,3 kg/dm3
FU = Frequency converter



  • Double pump disc
  • Temperature measurement and control
  • Recipe-controlled, semi- and fully-automatic PC/PLC control system KB-Mill-Control
  • Mixing container with double jacket for cooling
  • Cleaning container for minimum use of cleaning media
  • Drain tray can be swung underneath the grinding chamber when changing the product
  • Vacuum design


Paints and lacquers
Industrial paints, automotive-repair paints, wood varnishes, protective coatings, marine paints, leather paints, coil coating and many

Pigments and colorants
For textiles, plastics, fibers, foods and many

Printing inks
Flexo printing inks, screen printing inks, additives for printing inks and many more…

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